“Capitalize on You” and monetize your content with your own subscription content platform. Determine your own value and get paid for your likeness while having access to your audience/subscriber data and the COY Co. Success Engine.

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At COY Co. we empower creators to “Capitalize On You.” COY Co. is a full service technology company and community which builds individual subscription content platforms for a select group of COY Creators while also providing best in class copyright protection services. Our creators have access to a system built to make them successful from the ground up. This is done through our COY Co. Success Engine, which combines content creation, growth marketing, community, data access, and protection into one premium solution.

We build your personal platform, provide you with content creation resources, and grow your audience with digital marketing tactics.

Own and access all of your audience and subscriber data.

Enjoy best-in-class copyright and content protection.


Gone are the days in which you’re competing with other creators on a platform that doesn’t let you own your data and brand reputation. Control the narrative and determine your own worth on a platform unconnected to anyone else or their stigma. You’ll no longer have to be afraid of a hosting platform changing your experience without your consent or control. This is your platform. Your rules. With COY Co., we build you your own platform with uncapped monetization capabilities and best in class content protection, while providing content creation resources, growth marketing, and access to a community and tools that will ensure long term success - all without the need for comparison to other creators on a shared platform that isn’t representative of your brand and who YOU are.